About Marty Gross Film Productions

About Marty Gross

Marty Gross is a consulting producer for companies based in North America, Europe and Asia, with focus on Japanese art, film, theatre and crafts. His company, Marty Gross Film Productions, Inc. (founded in 1975), manages one of the most comprehensive websites devoted to films on Japanese cultural and historical subjects.

Since 1974, he has produced and directed films (including As We Are, Potters at Work, The Lovers' Exile), restored archival films on Japanese arts and crafts (such as The Leach Pottery, Mashiko Village Pottery, Japan 1937), conducted numerous interviews, produced documentaries and coordinated publication of books on the history of Japanese cinema and on Japanese animation.

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Principal Fields of Activity

Film Production:
Produced several Award winning documentary films;
"...as we are." art and mentally handicapped children
POTTERS AT WORK, the potters of Onda and Koishiwara, Japan
THE LOVERS' EXILE, a feature presentation of a Bunraku Puppet Theatre play.

Film & Television Distribution:
Represents major independent films & television programmes from North America in the Japanese market.

With its bilingual staff produces English and Japanese language translations of television programmes, animated films, and feature films.

Provides consulting services to media companies doing business in Japan.

Provides support for location work by Japanese film & television crews and for North American crews working in Japan.

Equipment Sales:
Handles acquisition of media and film related equipment for its Japanese clients.

Art Education:
the Company manages Marty Gross Studio, a private art-school for children, founded in 1971.


The Criterion Collection Film Forum
Japan Audio-Visual Media Corporation Media International Corporation
Oriental Cine Service NHK
Rizzoli Publishing Shochiku Co. Ltd.
Sony Music Entertainment Stone Bridge Press
TBS World News Tezuka Productions
Video Artists International NewPop Editora, Brazil
  Pierrot Plus, Inc., Japan


Marty Gross: Artist, Filmmaker and The Criterion Collection's Man in Japan
(Toronto JFilmPOW-WOW)

Local artist helps Criterion preserve great works of film (Excerpts, Toronto Star, 2007)


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