Potters at Work & The Leach Pottery, 1952 (2nd Edition)
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Potters at Work

Special Edition DVD restored high definition master from the original negative.

DVD features include:

  • 9 page booklet
  • documentary on the filming in Onda and Koishibara in 1976
  • behind-the-scenes slideshows on the potters, their work and the filming

Filmed in the traditional pottery making villages, Onda and Koishibara on the island of Kyushu in Southern Japan. The film presents the workshops of Shigeki Sakamoto in Onda and Kumao Ohta in Koshibara.

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The Leach Pottery, 1952 (2nd Edition) - NEW version

Bernard LeachThis is the only complete film available on the world-renowned artist potter Bernard Leach.

This locally-made film, now restored and released for the first time on DVD with the cooperation of the late Janet Darnell Leach, and narrated commentary by Warren Mackenzie, now includes Bernard Leach's previously lost narrative for the film. This new edition includes Leach's historic audio commentary.

DVD supplements include:

  • Newly discovered audio commentary by Bernard Leach; recorded by John Anderson, founder of Films on Craft Ceramics.
  • Recording of narration by Warren MacKenzie, at his home in Stillwater, Minnesota, USA,
    November 2007
  • 14 page booklet, including newly translated article by Shoji Hamada, early newspaper article by Bernard Leach and more.
  • 17 minutes of footage shot by Warren Mackenzie in 1952
  • telephone interview with Warren Mackenzie
  • slide shows of St. Ives and The Leach Pottery in the 1950's
  • This film also contains the first ever film footage of legendary Leach trained craftsmen, William Marshall, Kenneth Quick, Joe Benny and David Leach

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Famed British Potter Bernard Leach worked in Onda and visited Koishibara in 1953 and wrote extensively about both villages in his renowned book, A Potter in Japan, 1960, which was the inspiration for the creation of Potters at Work in 1976.

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Potters At Work &
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