A Donald Richie Film Anthology

"...considered the leading Western authority on Japanese cinema."

DVD 127 minutes total, B&W, Japanese with English subtitles



Donald Richie Film Anthology

A Donald Richie Film Anthology Donald Richie is widely considered the leading Western authority on Japanese cinema. He is the author of over 40 works; including film criticism, social commentary, works for the theater, novels and journals. Wargames, Donald Richie, 1962



During the 1960’s Donald Richie directed short films, released here for the first time on DVD.



A Pinewood Dialogue (Museum of the Moving Image) with Donald Richie, October 21, 2006 [Audio or Transcript - click here]

An Interview with Donald Richie, 2003 [click here]

Included on this DVD are:

  • WARGAMES , 1962 22 minutes
  • ATAMI BLUES , 1962, 20 minutes
  • BOY WITH CAT , 1967, 5 minutes
  • DEAD YOUTH , 1967, 13 minutes
  • FIVE FILOSOPHICAL FABLES , 1967, 47 minutes
  • CYBELE , 1968, 20 minutes

This DVD is imported from Japan. Japanese with English subtitles.

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A Donald Richie Film Anthology



Waiting on the WeatherAmong Donald Richie's most important books;

Donald Richie wrote the introduction to Teruyo Nogami's biography, Waiting on the Weather a book project coordinated by
Marty Gross Films and published by Stonebridge Press.

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