Kagamijishi: Kabuki Dance

"... one of Japan's greatest stars," Maurice Béjart"

70 minutes, Kabuki DVD only, colour with English commentary



Tamasaburo Bando performs Kabuki Dance

Sagi Musume: Kabuki DanceIn Kagamijishi – ‘The Lion Dance’ - Tamasaburo Bando displays his extraordinary versatility in this most demanding of roles; first as a shy maiden and then as a fierce lion.

In Kagamijishi the court lady Yayoi is dancing at New Year celebrations when a lion head mask lying nearby begins to distract her. Completely captivated, Yayoi moves to pick up the lion mask. Once in her hand this lion mask takes possession of her soul and her dance suddenly becomes erratic. The spirit of the mask overpowers her and drags her off-stage. Moments later, Yayoi rushes back down stage, now fully transformed as a huge lion. Two butterflies irritate the lion into a frenzy; he dances, swirling his great mane in wild circles, evoking the fearsome rage of a lion.

Here Tamasaburo displays the great dynamism and variety which have led him to be regarded as Kabuki’s greatest contemporary dancer.

This DVD also includes Tamasaburo in the dances Kanaya Tanzen and Kosu no To.

Tamasaburo is world reknowned for his performances in film and on stage with Maurice Béjart, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Yo-Yo Ma. Now in these stagings of the great classics of Japan, Tamasaburo shows himself to be a consummate artist of the Kabuki tradition. Tamasaburo Bando

This DVD features an excellent, comprehensive English language commentary by Oxford University scholar Paul M. Griffith explaining the history and details of the play and of the performance.

KAGAMIJISHI is part of a six part series of DVDs featuring Tamasaburo.

…who will forget Tamasaburo, with hands like long translucent carvings?” New York Times
…one of Japan’s greatest stars,” Maurice Béjart
I have just seen a great actor…” The Guardian


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Tamasaburo Bando

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