Onatsu Kyoran: Kabuki Dance
"... one of Japan's greatest stars," Maurice Béjart
119 minutes, DVD only, colour with English commentary  


Tamasaburo Bando performs Kabuki Dance

Sumo MatchOnatsu Kyoran - 'Onatsu's Madness' is a famous example of an early 20th century dance-drama written for the Kabuki stage. Its central character is a young woman gone mad with grief at the loss of her lover. The story takes place in the open country among desolate autumn fields.

The lyrics for Onatsu Kyoran were written by one of Japan's most respected literary figures, Tsubouchi Shoyo, and the dance was first performed on the Kabuki stage in 1914. Today it is one of the best surviving examples of early 20th century theatre reform, reform that sought to do away with much that was illogical in traditional Kabuki dance and to concentrate instead on the psychological realism of the characters.

This DVD also features Tamasaburo in the dances Matsu no Isao, Kono Kimi, Ume, Yuku Haru, and Shirayuri.

ONATSU KYORAN is part of a six part series of DVDs featuring Tamasaburo.

…who will forget Tamasaburo, with hands like long translucent carvings?” New York Times
…one of Japan’s greatest stars,” Maurice Béjart
I have just seen a great actor…” The Guardian




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Onatsu Kyoran


Tamasaburo Bando

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