Yôkihi: Kabuki Dance

"... one of Japan's greatest stars," Maurice Béjart"

70 minutes, Kabuki DVD only, colour with English commentary



Tamasaburo Bando performs Yôkihi

Sagi Musume: Kabuki DanceFeaturing Tamasaburo Bando III, Kabuki’s greatest performer of female roles. Part fairy tale, part ghost story, Princess Yôkihi (Yang Kwei Fei) is one of the most beautiful love stories in Chinese history. Set in eighth-century China, it tells the story of Gen Sou (Huan Tsuang), the last T'ang emperor, who falls in love with a servant girl and makes her his empress. The incredibly moving final scenes show Gen Sou losing his Cinderella, then regaining her in a mystical embrace from beyond the grave.

Yôkihi was personally commissioned by Tamasaburo and first performed in 1991. He traveled to China to study with famed Peking Opera star, Mei Baojiu and has incorporated what he learnt into a modern Japanese work where the influence of Peking Opera can also be seen.Tamasaburo Bando

This DVD features an excellent, comprehensive English language commentary by Oxford University scholar Paul M. Griffith explaining the history and details of the play and of the performance.

YÔKIHI is part of a six part series of DVDs featuring Tamasaburo.

…who will forget Tamasaburo, with hands like long translucent carvings?” New York Times
…one of Japan’s greatest stars,” Maurice Béjart
I have just seen a great actor…” The Guardian



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Tamasaburo Bando

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